WHO: The Optimist Club of Burford, the County of Brant and a group of5 dedicated local teens, the ‘Youth Advisory Committee’, are working together on the project. The group made a delegation to Council on May 17, 2022 and received unanimous council and mayoral support for the project! Type your paragraph here.

WHEN: Planning and fundraising is taking place in 2022, with construction of Phase 1 slated for late summer 2023 or 2024. We are working hard to try and make Phase 1 & Phase 2 happen at the same time!Type your paragraph here.


In Partnership with: 

WHAT: The site will stay in roughly the same location at the Burford Community Centre Park. The 8,000 sq ft space will include a new concrete surface, more ramps and skate features, and a seating/viewing area. The safety need for separation between the playground and skate park area will also be addressed.

For questions or more information, contact us by email at burfordskatepark@outlook.com  or visit www.burfrodoptimist.ca  Contact Burford Optimist project leads:  Jennifer Daniel at (519) 732-7741 or Heather Keam at (519) 755-1306

Be part of Burford’s next BIG community project!!

The 2023/2024 Burford Skate Park Improvement Project

WHY: For youth who don’t play organized sports, skateboarding & scootering is a way to get active outdoors, close to home, with no sports fees. Having a quality park close to home is incredibly important!  The Burford Skate Park is desperately in need of improvements for safety reasons (rough pavement, cracks) as well as a larger space with ramps for beginner to experienced riders.

Financial donations over $20 are eligible for a tax receipt from the County of Brant.

Be Part of Something Big and Donate:  

While a portion of the budget will be covered by the County of Brant and a donation from the Burford Optimist Club, we need local fundraising dollars to complete the project!  
Here are ways you can get involved in this exciting project:

  • Volunteer to help with our fundraising efforts!
  • Make a financial donation to the project by clicking on the donate now button
  •  Mail a cheque (note Burford Skate Park in subject line) to the County of Brant, 26 Park Ave, PO Box 249, Burford ON N0E 1A0
  • Make an In-Kind Donation. In-Kind material and service donations may be accepted if coordinated with the project schedule.  Applicable Business receipts may be issued upon consultation with County of Brant Finance Department.


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